An Extremely Rare Dr. Wall Worcester Coffee Cup and Saucer

Worcester Puce Camaieu


An Extremely Rare Dr. Wall Worcester Coffee Cup and Saucer, painted in puce camaieu, with a peacock perched on a slender branch under the overhanging fronds of a larch tree, above the waters edge, before the distinct peaks of the Malvern Hills in the background where the stylised Malvern Abbey nestles, enclosed within puce rococo scrollwork.

Circa 1757

Surviving examples of this exceptionally rare design are so scarce that it is assumed that only a single service was originally made as a special order. The composition is fascinating, the peacock and the larch tree are reminiscent of English delft farmyard plates. The hills and church in the background are certainly a stylised view of how the Malvern Hills and Abbey appear across the river from the factory and decorating studio.

Mrs Stevens Collection.

Item No. 919

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