Vauxhall Figure of a Goat Herder modelled after the antique



An extremely rare and hitherto unrecorded Vauxhall Figure of a Goat Herder, modelled with elegant spiralling contraposto form, wearing a cloak, buttoned jerkin and waistcoat and breeches, his head with flowing windswept hair, a young kid goat on his shoulders, standing supported on a tree stump, the irregularly moulded rococo scrolled base applied with flowers and leaves.

Circa 1755

Height: 10 Ins. (25.5cms.)

This unrecorded model bears the characteristics of the paste and glaze of early Vauxhall porcelain and should be compared with the steatitic body of the George II busts now attributed to Vauxhall. The nature and characteristics of the scroll moulded bases should also be compared with the coloured series of seasons that are also now ascribed to Vauxhall.

Provenance:  Private English Collection

Item No. 1451

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