Rare Doccia Figures of Dwarfs


Rare Doccia Figures of Dwarfs

Extremely rare Doccia Figures of Dwarfs, on a square base.

A series of polychrome Dwarfs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art is illustrated in Munger (2007), no. 14,p.14. Two other Dwarfs from the Collezione Guido Rossi and the Musei Civici del Castello Sforzesco are published by Mottola Molfino (1976), cat. no. 465-466 and others from the same collection are published by Melegati (1999), p. 76. Another coloured example in the Museo Richard Ginori della Manifattura di Doccia is illustrated in Biancalana (2009), p.55. The Doccia factory produced quite a few Dwarfs, it became one of their most popular type of figures, and they were modelled after the famous etchings by Jaques Callot and his Italian counterpart, Luigi Baccio del Bianco. Motola Moltini (op.cit) notes that another source for these Doccia Gobbi was also the work by Tuscan artist Gian (Giovanni) Domenico Feretti.

Circa: 1760

Dimensions:  3 1/4 ins (8cms)]

Stock No. 1240

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