Rare Chelsea Painted Figure of a Chinese Man




A Very Rare Chelsea Painted Figure of a Chinese Man stands upright on a square grassy mound, his hands held together at his chest hidden within the wide sleeves of his full-length robe, tied at the waist with a yellow and pink sash with the red slipper of his right foot peeking out. The robe is decorated with pink, blue, and yellow leaved flowers and a puce speckled cuff and collar. He looks to the right, smiling with brows alert and head notched, covered with a pointed wide brim yellow hat.

Further Details: The Chelsea manufactory competed with continental manufactories, particularly Meissen where this figure is taken from a model produced by the Meissen modeller Peter Reinicke (1715-1768) in 1743 for the Hofkonditorei of Count Heinrich von Brühl (1700 – 1763).

See a similar example in a Private Collection illustrated in Anton Gabszewicz, ‘‘A Mind to Copy’: Inspired by Meissen’, Art Antiques London (2011), 20-28, fig. 9.

See a similar standing figure of a Chinese man in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (30.275)

Literature: For further discussion on Meissen’s impact on English manufactories, see Peter Bradshaw, ‘The Great Contribution made by Meissen’, 18th Century English Porcelain Figures 1745-1795 (1981), 25-38.

Provenance: Private American Collection

Circa 1750-1752

Dimensions:  Height 4 ¼ ins (10.7 cms.)


Stock No. 1966

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