Pair of First Period Dr Wall Worcester Figures of a Turk and the Levantine Lady



An extremely rare and important pair of First Period Dr. Wall Worcester Figures of the Turk and his Companion the Levantine Lady, he in a posing stance his hand on his hip and this left hand on a scimitar, wearing furled jewelled turban with red skullcap puce long flowing gown trimmed and lined with ermine, white waistcoat enriched with gold frogging and braid, a turquoise belt complete with lapis coloured jewelled buckle and clasp, his skirt highly embroidered with formal stylised flowers in tones of orange, yellow and blue with gold foliate sprays and red court shoes, she with similar turban and ermine trimmed and lined yellow gown, her floral chemise with turquoise sleeves and gold belt with lapis jewelled clasp, over a puce trimmed and lined under garment and similar red shoes, both standing on a circular base applied with a single primrose.

The Turks are undoubtedly the work of the great modeller John Toulouse who arrived from Bow in 1767 and is responsible for the figural work which emanates from the factory at this time and also includes the array of wares and ornamental objects which are adorned with flowers and leaves in his distinctive ‘hot cross bun’ style. This pair is exceptionally well coloured and early in date. As an aside see Charles William Dyson Perrins ECC transactions, 1934, for a watercolour of circa 1784 by E.F. and T.F. Burney intended as a design for the frontispiece of Nash’s History of Worcestershire. Included amongst the items representing famous products of the county is a porcelain figure identical to the male Turk.

Circa 1768

Height: 5 ins. (13cms.)

Provenance:  Provenance: English Private Collection.

Item No. 1031

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