An extremely rare and highly important Meissen Pipe Bowl and Cover


An extremely rare and highly important Meissen Pipe Bowl and Cover modelled by J.J.Kaendler in the form of a reclined Spaniel Dog. Beautifully naturalistically modelled with a hairy coat, painted with dark brown and white markings, a curly tail and wide feathered ears. The body and resting lower limbs forming the pierced bowl and the head, hinged and forming the cover, with silvered metal mounts.

Circa 1745 – 50

These extremely rare ‘pipe animals’ reflect the height of conceit and the pinnacle of naturalistic modelling during the Rococo period at Meissen. The pipe could be filled with tobacco when the hinged head was taken back and then the smoker could delight in his refined smoke with the cover closed, the mouth and ears are pierced so that the smoke could emanate without the fear of the tabacco being blown away.

These models are of the greatest rarity. There are three such models of reclined dogs within the British and American tobacco collection, the first is a pug dog with silver mounts and a padlock at his collar, looking to one side, ex Ernesto Bhlom Collection. The second is another pug dog, though this time looking forward and the third example is a German Shepherd-type dog, with chased silver collar and pricked up ears.

Length: 3 1/2 ins. (9 cms.)
Height: 2 ins. (5 cms.)

Item No. 1363

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