Meissen Cadogan Teapot of Peach Shaped Form


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Meissen Cadogan Teapot of Peach Shaped Form, circa 1725-30



A Meissen Peach Shaped Winepot with applied branch handle and spout, modelled after the Chinese wine-pot original and painted in colours, the handle and spout to simulate wood, the applied leaves in green, blue, and yellow, with darker veining, a monkey and a frog, and a phoenix bird, sprays of indianische Blumen and bamboo issuing from the rockwork, gilt band to footrim and spout.

This winepot, as with the Chinese Kang Hsi original, has no cover, but the base is pierced with a hole for filling the pot.  This form of winepot is known as a Cadogan after the Hon. Mrs. Cadogan who  showed a Chinese origianl, brought to England by her son, to Lady Rockingham.

Cf. Siegfried Ducret: Meissener Porzellan, pl. 148, for a similar example decorated in Augburg by Abraham Seuter, in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, where a Chinese original is also illustrated.

Other examples are in the Getty Museum; in the Sammlung Pauls, illustrated p. 127 of the catalogue; in the von Pannwitz Collection, illustrated no. 377 in teh catalogue.

Circa 1728

Marks:  Blue Crossed Swords mark to the base

Dimensions:  5.7 ins (14.5 cms)

Stock No. 683-1

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