An Important Pair of Early Bow Vases


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An important pair of Early Bow Vases, of Chinese inspired oviform shape with flared necks, the domed feet with cut out rims. Beautifully painted in underglaze blue with birds in flight, including long tailed pheonixes, cockerels and other English birds congregating around owls and a wood pecker within leafy trees. Families of Cranes inhabit reeds at the lower level of the vases and walk through watery areas to their nests, the domed bases of each vase and the flared rims with branches of flowering prunus and a border of stylised feathers.

Circa 1750

Height: 10 ½ Ins (26.5cms.)

The Rous Lench Collection sold in the first part 1986.

English Ceramics Circle Exhibition 1977.

The oviform vase is inspired by a Chinese form dating to circa 1680-1720. The characteristics of the decoration are English for the most part including English and European birds together with the mythical Pheonix.

Item No. 1664

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