An Important Massive Vauxhall Baluster Shaped Ewer or Jug

An important Massive Vauxhall Baluster Shaped Ewer or Jug, the elegantly raised and baluster form with everted rim, on a turned foot and applied with a scrolled handle with rising thumbpiece and kicked out lower terminal. Beautifully decorated in underglaze blue with an elaborate Chinese landscape showing a lady holding a basket filled with flowers beside a sacred deer, trees, flowers and rocks flank her on either side, beneath a beautiful baroque border conceived of scrolling leaves and flowers inhabited by three winged seraphim emulating the effect of chasing and engraving on silver. The inside of the rim pierced at the spout.

Circa 1753-55

The John Hewett Collection

Height: 12 ¾ Ins (32.5cms.)

Item No. 1665

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