Dr Wall Worcester Porcelain Oval Dish


A Worcester Shaped Oval Dessert Dish, the centre painted by Jeffryes Hamett O’Neale with the Fable of ‘The Fox and the Geese’, showing a Fox seated upon a grassy knoll beside vegetation and bushes and before a group of young poplar trees, the Fox addresses a gaggle of four geese some of which hiss at him, they stand before a Farm house which is surrounded by trees, before a distant river scene with enormous high peaked mountains behind, a single flock of birds flies overhead in the colourful sky, within a complex gold scrolled diaper and lambrequin border of ‘Kitley’ type, on a wet blue ground, with gilt dentil edge.

Circa 1768-70.

Mark: fretted square in underglaze blue to the underside.

The Fable appears to have been taken from an as yet unidentified source.

Provenance:   English Private Collection.

The shape of this dish is unusual, there only being two others currently recorded as having been sold in the Rayner Sale, Sothebys, lot. 26, 17th March 1950. One painted with another unidentified Fable of a Monkey wearing a tricorn hat seated astride an ass. The other with the Fable of ‘The Hunted Beaver’, Croxall, ‘Aesop’s Fables’, London 1722, No. 62.

Item No. 841

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