Doccia Group of Bears

Doccia Group of a Bears



Rare Doccia White Group of a Hound and two Bears, perhaps after a model by G.B. Foggini, both bears with curly fur,

one standing on its hind legs and clasping a fruit, the other on all fours and crouching over the hound, on a rockwork mound and waisted rectangular base.

Circa  1752

Height: 8 1/8in (20.5 cm)

In the 1757 inventories mention is made of some miniature groups of animals, see Arthur Lane, op. cit. (1954), pl. 41, pls 63A and B, although smaller than the present examples the models would appear to be related, the dog in 63A is very close to the present hound and the bears in 63B are similarly modelled.

Giovanni Battista Foggini (Florence 1652-1725)

Item No. 453

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