Doccia Figural Group of Card Players



An Extremely Rare Doccia Figural Group of Rustics Playing Cards, comprised of four figures, three men wearing comfortably fitting eighteenth century rural dress, two wearing hats and playing cards while the third man looks on. A female figure, wearing smock dress frilled at the chest, her hair tied in a bun, looks over the seated figure’s shoulder and motions to the right, on an irregularly moulded slabbed base with incised vegetation.

Circa 1770

Height: 7 ins. (18cms.)

Length: 8 ins. (20 cms.)

The genre scene of the rustics playing cards seems not to be recorded in the literature and therefore is of the greatest rarity. The sculpting of this group is so expertly achieved as to be one of the most specialised hands working at the manufactory.

Item No. 1414

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