Derby Planche Period Figure of Hearing from a Set of the Senses

A rare Derby Dry Edge Chinoiserie Group emblematic of Hearing from a set of The Senses, modelled by Andrew Planche, depicting a seated and bearded sage wearing a long sleeved gown, his head cocked to one side and his hands gesturing to a lady wearing similar robes to his right, her one arm held aloft in the attitude of perhaps holding a cymbal, on an irregularly moulded rocky base.

Circa 1752.

Height: 8 ins. (20cms.)

Probably after Francois Boucher and possibly deriving from ‘Livres de feuilles representant les cinq Sens par differents amusants chinois sur les dessins de F. Boucher’ announced by Gabriel Huquier in the Mercure of 1740.

An example in the Untermeyer Collection Metropolitan Museum New York, illustrated Hackenbroch, col. Pl. 100, fig. 269. Another in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum.

Item No. 1087

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