Bow Unrecorded Figure of a Boy beckoning to a bird



An extremely rare and previously unrecorded Bow Group of a Boy and Bird, modelled by the ‘Muses Modeller’ showing a boy wearing a yellow hat, ruff, puce waistcoat and white ruff, all trimmed with brown and gold buttons and edges, seated on an outcrop of rocks before a tree, feeding a large bird with naturalistic plumage, the tree and bases applied with coloured single blooms and leaves.

Circa 1752.

Height: 7 ¼ ins. (18.5 cms.)

No Marks.

The modelling may be compared to the work of the ‘Muses Modeller’ and indirectly has similarities in design and composition to some Mennecy porcelain groups.

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Stock No. 1097

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