Bow Porcelain model of The Great Horned Owl



An extremely rare and highly important Bow Porcelain model of The Great Horned Owl, taken from Plate 60 Volume 2, George Edwards, ‘A Natural History of Uncommon Birds’. The Owl modelled standing and perched up upon an irregularly moulded base simulating a tree stump with a branch extended to one side, applied with leaves and brightly coloured flowers and painted with several naturalistic floral sprigs in puce monochrome. The body and plumage of the owl highly naturalistically coloured in tones of puce, lilac, browns, black and grey as to resemble the Great Horned Owl in absolute colouring. 

Circa 1755

Height: 8 Ins (20.5cms.)

Marks:  Numeral 2 to the underside of the base.

Stock No. 1884

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