A rare naturalistic pair of Bow Cold Finches



A rare naturalistic pair of Bow Cold Finches, each animated bird, modelled in great detail with ruffled fanned-out feathers, open beak and wide gazing eyes, perched clutching at a rocky mound modelled with exposed roots, flowers and vegetation.

Circa 1750-52

This earlier version of the model, exhibits a very high degree of naturalistic modelling together with a conelike hollow support. It is one of the earliest bird models in the history of English porcelain and should be compared with the rare raised anchor models of birds manufactured at Chelsea or the plain white examples of the enigmatic ‘Girl in a Swing’ class of porcelain.


Height: 4 ¾ ins. (12 cms.) Width: 4 ins. (10.5 cms.)

Item No. 337

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