An Extremely Rare Pair Of Bow Figures Of Two Putti Playing With A Dolphin Mounted As Candlesticks



An extremely rare pair of bow figures of two putti playing with a dolphin mounted as candlesticks, where a tôle peinte branch with foliage supports Bow sconces and a variety of English and Continental white flowers. It is affixed to the square aperture of the nozzle erupting from the dolphin’s gaping mouth. A standing putto, buttocks exposed in scantily clad drape over the left shoulder, wraps his arms around the sinuous body of the dolphin. The other scantily clad putto has fallen, supporting himself with one leg on the oval rockwork base, while the other is kicked up with his right arm in the air, his left hand braced against the standing putto’s knee.

For a similar example without tôle peinte, see Two Putti playing with a Dolphin in the Glaisher Collection, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (C.3028-1928).

LiteratureSee Anton Gabszewicz Made at New Canton: Bow Porcelain from the Collection of the London Borough of Newham (London, 2000), pl 77, p. 90 for a similarly modelled candlestick-group of two putti with a dolphin decorated with overglaze enamels. See T.H. Clark, ‘French Influence at Chelsea,’ E.C.C Transactions, Vol 4, Pt. 5 (1959) pl 24a for a bronze model mould at Vincennes which produced a Vincennes model in white porcelain pl. 24c. (where it was recorded in 1754 as ‘enfant tenant un dauphin’, made in two sizes at 15 and 21 livres). This group was modelled after a Vincennes or Meissen original, where Clark considers that it ‘possibly derives from an Italian fountain group’.

Circa 1750-1755

Dimensions:   H: 17 ins. (43 cms.),     W: 14 1/2 ins. (37 cms.)





Stock No. 1917


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