An extremely rare Early Worcester Mug

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An extremely rare Early Worcester Mug

An extremely rare Early Worcester Mug

An extremely rare Early Worcester Mug, of cylindrical shape with triple turned base and ridged loop handle, painted in the most delicate shades of underglaze blue with the ‘High Island’ pattern, showing a Chinese pavilion perched high up on a rocky promontory linked with a bridge to a smaller island, on which walks a chinaman with fishing rod, before a Chinese river scene with birds in flight overhead, the interior with hatched diaper and floral border.

Circa 1754

Workman’s mark in underglaze blue and incised line to the underside.

An incredibly rare pattern on a highly unusual shape. Other blue and white patterns which are recorded on this shape include: the ‘Cormorant’ and ‘Warbler’ pattern and a very rare coloured example bearing ‘Banded Hedge’ pattern. All four examples of this shape have an unglazed base, a very rare feature at Worcester. This mug is the only recorded example of this pattern, painted on this shape.

The Paul and Helga Riley Collection.

Height: 3 ins. (7.5 cms.)

Item No. 1130

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