Rare Chelsea Leveret Box and Cover



An extremely rare Chelsea Leveret Box and Cover, beautifully naturalistically modelled ‘at lodge’ the lower part of the box modelled as the seated haunches and front legs of the Leveret, the cover modelled as the back and head of the animal with the ears acting as finial. Crisply modelled in low relief all over with toussled hair picked out with brown naturalistic patches.

Included in the 1755 Chelsea Sale Catalogue and sold by Mr Ford in the Great Room, Haymarket. Lot 18 on the second day comprised ‘Two small fine cabbage leaves and 4 rabbits for desart’. A pair illustrated by Dr F.Severne Mackenna, Chelsea Porcelain, The Red Anchor Wares, pl. 70. The model taken from a Meissen original model by J.J.Kaendler.

Circa 1754

Private English Collection

Private English Collection

Length: 4 Ins. (10cms.)
Height: 2 3/4 Ins. (7cms.)

Item No. 1770

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