An English Pearlware Botanical Part Dessert Service

An English Pearlware Botanical Part Dessert Service, comprising a pair of oval sauce tureens, covers and stands, a 16½-inch chamfered rectangular platter, a pair of oval dishes, a pair of square dishes, a pair of shell-shaped dishes and ten plates;  each piece naturalistically painted with a named floral sprig, the tureens and covers painted on either side and the platter with three specimens, within a silver lustre border around the rim edge, the handles and knops also covered in silver lustre, botanical identifications in iron-red 21 pieces.

Circa: 1810-1815

Dimensions:   Length of tureens and stands 7 1/4,   7 3/8, and 8 1/8 in.  (18.4, 18.7, and 20.7 cm)


Stock No. 425

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