A Very Rare Bow Figure of a Peacock

A Very Rare Bow Figure of a Peacock, naturalistically modelled and painted in vibrant hues. The plumage along its head and neck are painted in iridescent blue with streaks of puce around the eye, its green tipped crest stands upright and its beak is closed. The wing feathers are painted in variegated tones of manganese, highlighted with yellow and iron-red along the tips. Its long train of green tail feathers are marked with eyespots painted in yellow, blue, and puce. It stands, feet spread wide, perched upon a flower-encrusted white tree stump.

Circa 1760

Height 6 3/8 ins. (16.3 cms.)

A similar example is illustrated in Ann McNair, Catalogue of the Lady Ludlow Collection of English Porcelain at the Bowes Museum (2007), p. 52, no. 26.
See also Frank Hurlbutt, Bow Porcelain (1926), plate 30.
Similar examples are found in the Untermyer Collection at the Metropolitan Museum, New York (64.101.726), in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (30.380) and in the Lady Ludlow Collection at the Bowes Museum (2004.26.1 & 2/Cer.)

Stock No. 1924

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