A Rare Staffordshire Agateware Pecten Shell Teapot and Cover

A Rare Staffordshire Agateware Pecten Shell Teapot and Cover with lamprey fish handle and bird spout. The body is moulded with marbleised cream, blue, and ochre clay in high relief to form two scallop shells. Atop the domed cover lies a recumbent lion which forms the finial.

Circa 1750

Height 4 3/4 ins. (12 cms.)

Alfred Schlosser Collection

Further Details
This teapot embraces the Rococo style with its application of naturalistic marine elements, modelled in the English silver taste of the period. The simulated agate effect of the body was achieved by combining multi-coloured clays together which were then cut, folded, and rolled out repeatedly to create striations throughout the sheet of clay. This process was improved by Thomas Whieldon (1719-1795) in the 1740s by adding metallic oxides to stain white clays.

See a similar example in the Metropolitan Museum, New York (14.68.4a, b)
See also The Fitzwilliam Museum of Art, Cambridge (C.7 & A-1999) and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City (52-43/1,2)

Stock No. 1944

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