A Pair of Chelsea Finger Bowls

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A Pair of Chelsea Finger Bowls


An Extremely Rare and Highly Important Pair of Chelsea Hans Sloane Finger Bowls, of circular slightly bulbous form with lobed rim, beautifully decorated in ingenious botanical style with broad leaves rising from the base in tones of green and yellow with puce veining, their undersides in a rich turquoise, over which fly shadowed moths and butterflies in tones of puce, blue, lilac and yellow together with wood wasps, fruit flies and other insects, within brown line rim. The interiors with flying blue butterflies, green ladybird and a wood wasp.

Height: 3 ins. (7 ½ cms.)
Diameter: 3 ins. (7 ½ cms.)

Circa 1755

Item No. 1260

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